A part of the grid where 2 houses share one or more cells. Mostly used for intersections between a box and a row or column.

In standard Sudoku, there are 27 box-row intersections and 27 box-column intersections, each containing 3 cells.

Several Sudoku Variations have additional intersections between the extra houses and the lines and boxes.

Solving Sudoku Strategy - Intersections

Locked Candidates| Intersection Removal | Line-Box Interaction | Pointing (Pair, Triple) | Claiming
Candidates are locked in the intersection of a line and a box.
Locked Pair
A Naked Pair located in a single intersection.
Locked Triple
A Naked Triple located in a single intersection.
Almost Locked Candidates
A box-line intersection where the line or the box contains an Almost Locked Set, and the remaining cells in the line or box outside the intersection does not contain digits from the Almost Locked Set.

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