The term fish is now accepted by most players as a name for all single-digit solving techniques which eliminate candidates by comparing sets of rows and columns.

Aliases are seafood and sealife.

Not all sizes of fish were discovered at the same time. Size 2 was already familiar to many players before they realized that the same trick could also be performed with more than 2 rows and columns. Here is a list of names given to fish of different sizes. They are often seen as different solving techniques. The term Swordfish has also been in use for all types of fish with more than 2 rows or columns.

Advanced Sudoku Strategies - Fish

X-Wing 2 rows vs. 2 columns
Swordfish 3 rows vs. 3 columns
5 rows vs. 5 columns
Finned Fish
Fish patterns with additional candidates in a single box.
Sashimi Fish
Incomplete basic fish patterns with a fin.
Franken Fish
Fish patterns that include box constraints.
Mutant Fish
Fish patterns with mixed sets of constraints.
Kraken Fish
A fish pattern with indirect connections to a candidate which can be eliminated.

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